There are many critical process parameters that contribute to selecting the correct flow device. Temp-Press has access to flow switches, meters and transmitters. We can help decide which type of flow device is needed for your solutions.

Various styles of flow components and solutions offered by Temp-Press:

  • Temp-Press has the ability to perform flow calculations which enables us to size your flow meter correctly. These calculations will show the accuracy of the flow meter across the full span as well as the pressure drop.
  • In-line and insertion type flow switches for multiple ranges and applications
  • Simplistic visual flow indicators
  • High accuracy Magnetic, Vortex, and Mass Flow Meters


  • Burkert
  • Dwyer
  • Fox Thermal
  • Foxboro
  • Gems
  • Hach Flow
  • Kobold
  • RCM
Mac Weld
Gems Sensors
Fox Thermal
RCM Industries