For this critical industry we provide instrumentation, controls and filtration products. Our team works with engineering firms providing product education, written specifications, product configurations and estimates.

We provide sizing for flow meters, and recommendations for analytical instruments.  We specialize in providing Hach equipment for flow monitoring and flow studies. Our service team provides calibrations for municipalities to validate water treatment instrumentation. Additionally products provided for the water industry include: pumps, level devices, pressure and temperature transmitters are among the many products we supply.


  • Acromag
  • Ashcroft
  • Barksdale
  • Burkert
  • Foxboro
  • Fox Thermal
  • Gems Sensors
  • Hach Flow
  • HydroFLOW
  • Kobold
  • Nivelco
  • Liqui-Jector
  • Madison
  • Praher Plastics
  • Titan
  • Warrick