Numerous instruments are available to measure temperature and Temp-Press has access to many types.  Our staff can help select various types of RTDs and Thermocouples, Bimetallic thermometers and the correct thermowell to fit any of these temperature products.

Our relationship with the manufacturers allows us to offer the most durable and reliable temperature solutions, hermetically sealed devices, explosion proof approved units, and LCD displays/controllers.

Some key features of Temp-Press regarding temperature:

  • Provide calibration on thermometers up to 250F
  • Test and re-range temperature transmitters
  • Can provide wake frequency report for thermowells
  • Can provide North American bar stock for thermowells

Brands we represent:

  • Acromag
  • Ashcroft
  • Barksdale
  • Dwyer
  • Foxboro
  • Mac-Weld
  • Sensortec
  • Optrics
  • Weksler
  • West/ Partlow
  • Watson McDaniel